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Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Shiplake Memorial Hall took place on on 25th March 2019. Although the Hall had a sound year financially, it faces an increasing number of challenges. If it is to remain a vital asset  the Hall Trustees will need the support of the wider community. For more detail of this and a fuller report on the proceedings please click here

To learn more please email: secretary@shiplakehall.com.


NP Supplementary Survey Results

Many thanks to the 165 residents who responded to the survey ....over 90% of respondents did so via the website.

There were 165 responses: LS 136 (82%) and SX 29 (18%), reflecting the no.of houses and residents in the 2 villages. Over 700 residents responded to the major survey in 2017, which determined the most important factors in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, whereas the supplementary survey importantly sought to find any indications of changes in viewpoint in the 18 months since, in a short space of time.

Yes, there are shifts in viewpoint and you can view the summary of responses by clicking here: Supplementary  Survey Results 

Before you do remember what the Neighbourhood Plan is meant to achieve and the 2 questions to be answered:

 Q1 – Continue with the sites previously selected for development in the Neighbourhood Plan even if they are outside the built-up area (site on Plough Lane) to provide additional smaller, lower cost and affordable housing.

Q2 – Notwithstanding your answer to Question 1 above, have a general policy of sites only being selected within the built-up area of the villages.

The results together with specific comments from residents, in general terms, reflect the impact of the Thames Farm decision for 95 houses, inclusive of affordable housing, and the likelihood of more at the Wyvale site as well as other factors.

The NP Steering Group will be making recommendations to the parish council, taking account of the survey results, as part its monthly update. A full update on the Neighbourhood Plan will presented at the May Annual Parish Meeting.

We look forward to seeing you then.

David Pheasant - on behalf of Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Council Elections 2nd May 2019

Local elections take place in South Oxfordshire on Thursday 2 May.

Shiplake Parish Council will have vacancies for 2 Parish Councillors. If you are interested and wish to stand please request a nomination form from:



For more information about the elections please see this flyer, produced by South Oxfordshire District Council or visit southoxon.gov.uk/elections.

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