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Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan

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The development of a Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan (NP) was proposed by the Parish Council and, after consultation with residents, agreed as being in the best interests of the community (January 2017). It will take advantage of the previous work of the very well received Shiplake Villages Plan and, in similar manner, it will be sponsored by the Parish Council and be developed by residents.

Producing a Neighbourhood Plan will likely be the initiative to have the biggest impact on the villages for the foreseeable future. It should provide Shiplake residents with the opportunity to discuss and 'shape' the future for the villages, rather than the actions of speculative developers.

Residents will be kept up to date via the website and be involved as the plan progresses. If you are not yet a registered user of the website receiving notifications, please make sure you do register. YOUR VIEWS MATTER!


(Note: this page includes the most recent articles relating to the Neighbourhood Plan. We are updating the website to include additional pages about the Neighbourhood Plan. All articles, including older ones, will shortly be available on one of these pages.) 

N P Open Exhibition – Questions & Answers


All the information presented at the Neighbourhood Plan Open Exhibition has been made available on the website.  Residents also asked specific questions and made additional comments on the forms when registering their views on the neighbourhood plan proposals, the outcome of which was a very postive with 73% in favour of the proposals. These are being considered as part of the consultation process.  Many questions, particularly those of a general nature, can be answered quite quickly.

Click here to see those Questions and Answers. Also make sure you receive your copy of the November issue of Shiplake News, which will have a major update on the plan.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to email the Steering Group: np2017@shiplakevillages.com.

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Neighbourhood Plan Proposals Now Available!


The 73% level of resident support for our proposals, alongside the compliments on the presention materials and the level of information provided at the Open Exhibition, is strongly appreciated. Requests were made for access to the materials and content. It is NOW available in overview in a picture gallery on the website Home page and, if you click here, you can view the details in a pdf document. All this information has been made available to SODC and following their request, The Henley Standard. A comprehensive update and coverage of the event and our Neighbourhood Proposals will be featured in the November issue of Shiplake News. Not to be missed!

Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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Positive Response to Neighbourhood Plan Proposals


Including visitors from neighbouring parishes, our local MP and press, over 300 attendees came to the Open Exhibition. Based on the 265 completed response forms, early analysis indicates 73% would support the proposals, 24% would not,  2% were unsure at this stage and 1% would not be voting at a referendum. The responses from residents across the parish were consistent with housing numbers in the two villages i.e. Lower Shiplake 83% and Shiplake 15% - 3% of responses were from non-residents.

The NP Steering Group can now take this positive response and, with the benefit of the views expressed in the completed forms, move onto the next stage of the development of the plan. The final proposals will hopefully result in an even greater positive response. 

Requests were made for copies of the presentation materials. These will be available on the villages website in the next few days, not least so all residents have the opportunity to consider the proposals in more detail. There will also be comprehensive coverage of the event and proposals in the November issue of Shiplake News. Not to be missed!

Many thanks to all those who attended, not least the volunteers who helped to make the event possible. Thanks also for all the positive comments on the event.

Watch the website for more!

Shiplake NP Steering Group.

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Invitation: NP Open Exhibition This Week


Most Shiplake households will already have received the leaflet inviting them to the Neighbourhood Plan Open Exhibition at Memorial Hall on FRIDAY (2:30pm to 10pm) and SATURDAY (9:00am to 6pm).

Should you be there? Do you care about Shiplake, the availability of housing for all ages, the rural environment and green spaces surrounding the villages, the traffic in the centre of Shiplake, the primary school and ensuring our local businesses thrive?  Do you want to ensure we can influence what and where houses are built, ones we need and must be built, or leave it to speculative developers to choose what suits them and, generally, not us.

The answer to all these questions is YES, YOU SHOULD BE THERE  this Friday or Saturday, whichever works best for you. We have proposals to conserve the character of Shiplake whilst improving the opportunities for housing for all families in the villages.



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How Many New houses & Where?


The Open Exhibition posters are appearing in Shiplake and the website home page features it too. Key messages and features of the proposed Shiplake Neighbourhood Plan will be featured in the days leading up to the event on Nov. 3rd & 4th at Memorial Hall. Take note of the dates and be there to discuss what the plan means to Shiplake and you. GIVE us your views on proposed development locations, the types of housing for development, new village boundaries and the new 'Shared Space' initiative.

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday or Saturday...whatever works best for you.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

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